My name is Sarah, I am a Nurtured Nurse Expert. As a wellness consultant, critical care nurse and educator I empower flat out, stressed out and burnt out nurses to feel relaxed, reconnected and re-energized within their mind, body and soul. And what I’m really passionate about is encouraging people to stop and rest so that they can find the truth and balance to live a life they love.

How many of you are nurses or carers? You feel, exhausted, trapped, dread? Resentful of your job and your shifts ‘taking’/siphoning your energy!

My vision is that nurses are nourished and nurtured. And how do we do this?

Tune in as I share some practical techniques and habits which will provide you with tools to feel relaxed, reconnected and re-energized. Mindful Moment Reset™, Balanced Breathe Symmetry™, Energy Activator Technique™, Meridian Maintenance Method ™, Recentre Recalibration™, Free Flowing™, Gratitude Generator™

One day our Medication rounds will be replaced with Meditation rounds!

If you are a nurse or carer experiencing burnout, feeling exhausted, trapped and resentful then tune in live and please join us in ‘The Nurtured Nurse Project’ Facebook group. Sharing experiences, advice and techniques to find balance whilst living as a nurse!

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