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We all know what aging is, and what it looks like. We have all seen the old man or woman hunched over walking with a cane. With wrinkled face and hands; panting as they push forward step by step. Frail, slow, with no agility, thinning grey hair with brown spots on their skin. Perhaps with a hand that trembles as they adjust their glasses. Maybe confused where they are, forgetful in their actions. Clearly, a beautiful flower that has long since bloomed and is slowly browning and decaying in their last days.
For the last thousands of years that is what was expected. You had a good life, perhaps a gallant life, saw your kids grow up and then bounced your grandchildren on your knee, and then faded into the sunset.
In the last one hundred years, we have come to understand truly amazing ideas. We have learned that there are animals so small that we can’t see them with our naked eye. These small bacteria and fungus can cause serious illness and can break down organic material into smaller parts so that they can be used again for new plants and animals. We have learned that there are small units of building blocks called atoms. And even more amazing there are even smaller subatomic particles. We have learned how to fly through the air and even have traveled to the moon. And from there at the speed of light, we use mysterious waves (radio), to talk to the people on Earth.
A great revolution had occurred in our knowledge of the structure and functions of our body’s organs and systems. We now have microscopes that can see down to the atomic level. When I was eight years old I found a bottle of flower seeds in my Grandmothers garage. I marveled at how such a small seed had the knowledge and ability to grow into an enormous beautiful bush and put out a myriad of gorgeous colorful flowers. Today, as a chemist, I now know what was unknown as a boy. Each of our cells has within it a library (DNA), of blueprints. Each blueprint is the template to build and assemble large molecules (proteins) that have a specific purpose. And this library within each cell has between thirty to forty thousand blueprints. A complete library of knowledge to build each and every cell, every process, every function, in the human body. This is how one seed, or one egg, not only knows how but can build all the different organs of the body, from the skin to bones to lungs and heart to our brains centered between our ears.
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