Join Kevin Isaac as he is a guest on the Create Your Holistic Lifestyle Show today Wednesday 11 AM PST.
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Kevin will be communicating about the KiWholistics Protocol.
The Protocol includes Human Optimization Technique (H.O.T), Colon Optimization Technique (C.O.T) and a thorough detox/nutrition program.
H.O.T is a unique, 10 hour intensive multi-modality and technological experience that activates the electric intelligence of the nervous system which completely restructures the entire mind/body complex, instantly resolves trauma and balances all imbalances.
C.O.T is a unique and very precise hands on palpation of the colon while receiving colon hydrotherapy that immediately breaks up accumulated & impacted fecal matter, gas, toxins, mucoid plaque and triggers peristalsis (internal detox), while also hydrating your entire body.