Join me, Katrina Sawa, as I join Johnathan Colbert Dr. Nathan F Rabb Jr Dr. Brookh Lyons & Jennifer Houst LIVE this Wednesday, October 30th at 11 AM PST as a guest on the Create Your Holistic Lifestyle Show. We will be talking about how to increase your income authentically, with confidence and also different strategies on how to price and leverage yourself in various ways to serve more and impact more people doing what you love.
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A little about me… I’ve been helping entrepreneurs of all kinds start, grow, market and monetize their businesses since 2002 in my biz (but even longer than that with other jobs I’ve held in advertising sales, marketing positions, etc.). I have a unique approach to helping someone jumpstart their revenues because it’s all about reaching the masses… but doing it in a way that FEELS GOOD and is still personal and nurturing or giving back. It breaks my heart to see entrepreneurs struggle each month, not making the money they need to make and working SO HARD in their business. I want to share some ideas for doing it differently, making a bigger impact and having more FUN in the process! Find out more about me and grab some free trainings while you’re there online at
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