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We are dedicated to bringing you the best information regarding Holistic Practitioners, Products, services, and Events globally. Every single week our International Hosts bring us news and modalities practiced and embraced in the health and wellness communities. One thing that is shared is what others are doing to engage and healthy life’s journey.

We invite you to partner with us on this journey and engage in our session of a Holistic LifeStyle for an optimal experience.

Johnathan Colbert

Founder, Producer The Create Your Holistic LifeStyle Show. Product Manufacturer and Private Label Strategist.
Johnathan is driven by passionate for helping people create their holistic lifestyle. His career in the holistic health and food industry has helped him establish connections with some of the sharpest and best minds in the industry. 

Johnathan applied his uncanny ability to connect with people to assemble the team for the Create Your Holistic LifeStyle Show. The vision was simple, create a free, easy to use resource center for people to learn from industry-leading experts. 

With the help of show sponsor Calr8ty, Johnathan uses his talents and connections to coordinate and host the weekly show so you can have a free, high-quality resource to create your holistic lifestyle. 

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Dr. Nathan F. Rabb Jr,

PhD, C.T.N.,D.D

Dr. Nathan F. Rabb Jr. is a Traditional Naturopath, not a Naturopathic Doctor, and he does not operate as a Naturopathic Doctor. His diplomas and certificates have been earned and awarded by various institutions for his diligence, research and dedication to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of his fellow man, and to the field of Holistic Health. Dr. Rabb studied Body Chemistry, Human Nutrition, Lymphology, Iridology, Vascular Physiology, Diet and Weight Control, Herbology, Magnotherapy, Natural Healing and Symmetry at Natural Health-oriented institutions and California Universities. Dr. Rabb is a Certified Iridologist, a Registered Lymphologist, a Certified DPA Technician, and holds Doctor’s Degrees in Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Holistic Theology.

Dr. Rabb provides Natural Health Counseling based on the principles of the Holistic Healing Philosophy, Programs are custom designed for each individual. These programs are not for the purpose of diagnosing or prescribing Or for the treatment of specific diseases. The programs are used to educate the individuals so they will be able to assist their doctor in the restoration and preservation of their health. Dr. Rabb has conducted seminars and made guest appearances on Radio and TV Talk Shows, and Natural Health Panels in numerous cities throughout the U.S.. Dr. Rabb’s Holistic Health Talk Show “ The Natural Way * can be heard on Wednesdays on at 9:00 AM, PST. Dr. Rabb is also a Guest Host on “What’s Your Holistic Lifestyle Show” Wednesdays at 12:30 PM on, The programs provide education for the audience to acquaint them with Natural Remedies in the effort to build up their health, and also prevent the onset of disease.

Dr. Brookh Lyons

Dr. Brookh Lyons helps women who want to contribute and receive more in their relationships (both at home and at work), to create a life and career they love so that they are clearer in their decisions and actions, they make more money and it ultimately gives them more freedom. Early in her chiropractic career, Dr. Brookh realized that women need support and clarity when making decisions that affect themselves and their family. This is important because each family has a unique set of needs to be addressed, and Dr. Brookh is committed to moving you through the stress and overwhelm of family living, in to hope and success.


“Dr. Brookh Lyons is truly an inspiration. A more genuine, caring soul could not be found.” – Deanne

“I was so down and feeling defeated… I always have a great list of things to accomplish but chase my tail and make little progress. I end up feeling like a failure, and like I am just surviving the day to day.
Through our session, Dr. Brookh guided me by asking questions and helping me figure out my plan to be successful. It was the support and guidance I needed to start on my path to success. I’m ready to rock this! Thank you!” –Nina

Camille James

Camille James is the lead instructor at the Halls of Ivy Academy of Self Healing Arts and owner of Juice 4 Life. For over a decade, she’s been practicing holistic nutrition and organic farming along with speaking engagements across the country. To learn more visit: The Natural Path Facebook Group at or 

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